Hermann Kelley

Hermann is currently working as a Lead Investigator for Symantec. He also serves as the Lead Instructor for the (ISC)2 CCFP (Certified Cyber Forensics Professional) where he teaches cyber forensics principles as well as legal concepts such as “Federal Rules of Evidence” and “Federal Rules of Procedure”.

Since the early eighties Hermann  has been at the forefront of IT. He started the Computer Training Center at the Public High School Association of Bavaria, Germany in 1984 after several years of reverse engineering and self study.

After a long and successful software development career, Hermann transitioned to consulting in 1997. His main focus during that period was information security along with some related fields. Engagements included several government contracts in the US and a number of countries in Asia. Some notable clients are: FDIC, FFIEC, Ministry of Defense Singapore, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, Metropolitan Police of London and many other intriguing agencies. Overall Hermann has delivered client engagements in 17 countries with a majority of this work related to incident response or digital forensics.

Hermann spent the past decade delivering digital forensics services through a number of law firms. He has worked on dozens of litigation support cases and has been praised for cost savings approaches. “Out of the Box” thinker when it comes to project scoping and solutions development. His main clientele is law firms and large, international companies looking for incident response resolution.